Coby & Sunshine our two labs are still as playful and crazy as ever, but of course have gotten less attention with Spencer around and now even less with the arrival of Hannah.  Luckily they love to play and chase one another so it's nice to know that they can still have fun and enjoy themselves when we're not able to play with them.

Chandler our kitty cat sleeps more than anything in his old age.  He only gets fiesty now when he's hungry.  The kids love to pet and play with him, lucky cat gets most of the attention. 

As for our fishies...  well...  we have one left.  The mommy fish killed off all the other males, then ate her own young.  And the one we have left is the huge daddy fish who now has no one left.  We think he likes it this way; the whole tank to himself...  We are thinking of re-doing the tank soon anyway.  Change the scenery and add some new fishies, but we'll see.


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