Thursday, February 8, 2007

February 08, 2007

Oh my... I stink that this blogging thing. I really wanted to do better this year and blog regularly and keep myself up-to-date... but WHAT HAPPENED?? Anyway, I'll catch up on some belated birthdays... and then just start with my latest happenings!!

Happy Birthday Auntie Susanne (1/16)
Happy Birthday Uncle Ted (1/19)
Happy Birthday Mari (1/20)
Happy Birthday Kim (Texas Kim) (2/1)
Happy Birthday Auntie Yumiko (2/2)
Happy Birthday Mary (Flutteringby) (2/2)
Happy Birthday Sarah (2/2)
Happy Anniversary Baba and Jiji (2/3)
Happy Birthday Uncle Bruce (2/8)

Phew... look at all those birthdays I forgot to post!! It's always good to catch up!! ;)

Anyway, what have I been up to lately? I am busy working on the Silent Auction with my co-chair Gina!! She is doing a great job of bringing in the donations!! :) We hope to make a lot of $$ for Spencer's preschool!! Speaking of Spencer's school... we had Open House yesterday and today and we had a great turn-out. I helped watch the children today since we had extra people with all the new family's touring our school!! I'll try and post some pics later of Spencer on the back of his friend's trike. It's so funny because the little boy pulling him is so much smaller and Spencer loves to sit in the back of the trike and get a ride. He he!!

I am also busy on the 2SCD site!! I love it there. People are so friendly and it's so much fun!! I am trying to work on some more challenges!! I've been chatting it up with prockyjo (Michele) and scrappinamber (Amber). They are so much fun!! :)

Okay, now I'm going to finish up today's blog with a tag I got from Aimeslee's blog:

(1) Celebrate or Not? - Definitely not like before... now we try and spend it like a family vs. a day for just the two of us. We like to incorporate our kids in our holidays!! :)

(2) Most Romantic Gift Received – Hmmm... I can't remember. Does that mean I never got anything romantic?? ;p Probably my charm bracelet with two heart charms that have a birthstone of my children's birthmonths on it. But it wasn't for Valentine's. When we get a chance I will engrave their names and birthdates on it. ;)

(3) Worst Date — on Valentine's or worst date ever?? I think my worst date ever was when I offered to pay for the date and the guy said... "ok"!! What's up with that?? Don't guys know that you want them to pay even though you offer. ;) He he!! I'm not a gold digger, but sheesh!! My worst Valentine's Day? I went out with my now DH but then ex-bf. It was so hard because we had just broken up but we still went out with two friends of ours.

(4) If you could tell your significant other what you’d REALLY like for Valentine’s Day, what would you tell him/her? - I usually just tell DH what I want... and then he tells me to go out and get it for myself. What a romantic, huh?? ;p he he!! LOL!!

(5) Complete the sentence: “Love means never having to say _______” - yes to sex when you want to say no LOL (I had to agree with Aimeslee on this one) He he!!

(6) Best Chocolate - I just love CHOCOLATE! So far the best chocolate I've had are the ones I get at the Japanese store or the ones I get from my swap pal, Janette from Finland!! :)

(7) Dream Valentine’s Menu - Steak for me too!! But I love Filet Mignon with bacon wrapped around it. Garlic mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, maybe a salad... and for dessert... chocolate mousse like they have at Roy's. Mmmmm....

(8) Most Romantic Movie - Oh my... I love them all. Any romantic comedy! Seriously!! ;)

(9) If you had a Conversation Heart that said how you were feeling right now, it would say - COFFEE!!

(10) Pink or Red? - Pink... It's not my favorite color... but I truly love pink and brown!! And pink is definitely growing on me... especially since I had Hannah. Everything for girls is pink. ;)

OK, now! I tag whoever reads this, which means you need to copy and paste this and do it on your blog!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007 - MLK Day

I missed a birthday, so...
Happy Birthday Auntie Keiko (1/13) and Yumi (1/13)!!

Oh boy... I haven't posted for a couple of days again... Here is the
happenings at the So House.

Wednesday (1/10) - We were busy celebrating Spencer's birthday!! We have decided that on each of our birthdays we will celebrate together as a family. So, we hung out in the morning... went to look for a Disney Cars umbrella since the rainy season will be starting here in CA. But alas, we couldn't find one. I should've bought it when I first saw it back in like Sept or Oct, but I didn't think we needed it since it hardly rains here in the fall anymore. Then we went to Boston Market to get Spencer's favorite... kuru kuru mac n cheese. That's what he calls it because it's the spiral type of macaroni... and kuru kuru kuru means round and round and round (or something like that) in Japanese. After we ate, we noticed our water was turned off. It turns out there was an emergency shutdown in the area, so we decided to head for Baba and Jiji's house for some running water. After Hannah's nap, we went to do our annual trip to Toys R Us where Spencer was able to pick his gift from Hannah. He bought a Hot Wheels Shark Park set. Since I have both kids signed up for the birthday club at Toys R Us, they get a birthday card and gift card for their birthdays from Geoffrey. ;p It used to be a dollar but now it's $3. ;) Then we went on to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and to Baskin Robbins for a ice cream cake and FREE ice cream. Another tradition that we do for both of our kids birthdays since they are signed up for the birthday club and get coupons for a FREE ice cream and for $$ off of an ice cream cake. Then back to Baba and Jiji's to eat cake and finally go home. Phew!! What a busy day!!

Thursday (1/11) - We had another day of school... but since I don't need to work that day, I dropped Spencer off after first circle time. Then I go to pick him up at t
he 2nd circle time. I think we just hung out and ran errands for the rest of the day. I finally send out the package for a Princess of the Week swap. This week was Becky's reign... and I hope she gets her package by Sat. ;) This is the card I sent to her along with her goodies!! :)

Friday (1/12) - We had swimming for Spencer and Hannah. Hannah is getting much much better in the water, even kicking her feet and moving her arms. She puts her face down in the water when told to and still likes floating on her back. I am really proud of her. Spencer is doing well in his class too!! He loves to go to swimming class!! :) Kenny went into work after lunch and Hannah was especially whiney. I was kind of surprised because she usually plays well on her own or with her brother. I was trying to finish some projects for an online crop... but she kept whining. I finally realized that she might be sick. So, I started to carry her around and put her down for a late nap. Which meant she didnt' go to sleep at bedtime. So, after Spencer went down, Hannah and I went to hang out with Papa in the living room. She drank some juice... and then... BLECHT... she ralphed all over!! Oh no!! So, Hannah and I spent the night sleeping and being awake.

Project 1 - Title Page - Online Crop 2SCD

Sat (1/13) - In the morning she also drank some juice and out it came. :( I was so sad because I didn't want her to be too sick and I especially don't want Spencer to catch it. Since Hannah was sick, we decided to stay in... so I got to finish up some projects from the online crop!! ;) I even won a prize for just being at the crop!! ;p Whooo Hooo!! And we had a very friendly competition for the special edition online crop bingo!! It was super fun... ;p Then we had Uncle Grant and Uncle Vince over for dinner and to play video g
ames since Auntie Lauren is in Kauai!! :) I also read a post that Becky got her card and all her goodies... I'm so glad she got it before the end of her reign!!

Project 2&3 - Altered Photo Corner & Double Page LO - Online Crop 2SCD

Project 6 - Double Page LO - Online Crop 2SCD

Sun (1/14) - In the morning we skipped church because Hannah woke up early, drank some more juice, then ralphed it all up. It's so weird because this is only happening first thing in the morning when she wakes up and drinks a lot A LOT of juice. I think it may be that she's drinking more than her stomach can handle. Then she had 3 drippy and stinky diapers. Oh no... I hope this doesn't continue. I was able to finish up some LO's for 2 Circle Journals I had and needed to pass on. And I also finished up a challenge on 2SCD. ;) Uncle Grant came over for dinner and video games again... and Auntie Jenn came by to chat and to pick-up the Circle Journals I had so she could deliver them to the next person for me. She's so sweet to do that... she happens to live close to the person I hand the journals off to!! :)

Elsie's Challenge #2 - 2SCD

Bay Area Circle Journal

Bay Area Circle Journal

Mon (1/15) - Hannah woke up early again but I decided not to give her the juice... but then she wanted to nurse all morning long. So, I did... but she didn't ralph!! Yippee!! And so far today... no drippy and stinky diapers. Could this be the day this virus turns around? I sure hope so!! And so far, no one else has shown any signs of it!! I hope to work on some more projects this evening... I need to send some way overdue Secret Sister packages out... and make cards for a new Secret Sister on 2SCD!! I absolutely love this site... it is helping me work on so many projects that i have left unfinished!! :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 10 2007 - Happy Birthday DS!!

Happy Happy Birthday dear Spencer!! :)

I have a couple of belated birthdays to wish as well!!
Happy Belated Birthday Auntie Kim (1/1)
Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Jay (1/6)

Oh boy... I haven't had a chance to blog in a little while because our weekend and beginning of the week were busy... I was soooo pooped out that I just hit the sack when the kids did. Today we'll probably be out and about with the family too since it's Spencer's birthday!! We spend each of our birthdays together as a family... I can't believe my baby boy is 4 now!! ;)

Here's the recap of our busy-ness:

Sat, 1/6 - We went to Spencer's friend's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese!! We all had a blast!! Then we helped Uncle Ricky and Auntie Linda move some baby furniture... baby girl Yoshida to be coming soon!! Then we went to dinner at Uncle Grant and Auntie Lauren's house. They treated us to pizza, breadsticks, and yummie dream cake. :) We also went to Blockbuster to rent some games... Spencer got to play all sorts of PS3 and XBox 360 games. ;)

Sun, 1/7 - We went to church in the morning then we cleaned up the house to have some Aunties and Uncle over. We invited the gang over to play the new Nintendo Wii that Baba and Jiji had gotten Spencer for his birthday!! We made spaghetti and had pie for dessert!!

Mon, 1/8 - We didn't do much during the day or so it seemed... but I'm not sure where the time went. We did go to get Spencer's haircut as it was getting a bit long. Then mama had a board meeting for Spencer's preschool.

Tues, 1/9 - Spencer and mama went to school. It was my workday so I stayed at school and was Indoor mom. Baba and Jiji watch Hannah while Spencer and mama are at school... and so they went back to their house. After school, we had lunch with papa at home and took him into work. Then we went over to meet up with Hannah at Baba and Jiji's house. Mama was able to get a couple of errands done... then we all had dinner and dessert and sang an early Happy Birthday to Spencer!! It was fun!! Spencer was so excited that his birthday was coming in a day that he had a hard time falling asleep. ;)

Friday, January 5, 2007

January 05 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Lloyd!!

Today was a busy day... phew!! We started swimming up again for the winter session. Spencer has moved up a class. His new goal is to sit on the steps, put his arms up, and glide out on his own for 10 ft. He can do this at Baba and Jiji's house but somehow he doesn't do all he's capable of doing at swim class. At least he goes into the pool on his own. ;) Hannah is doing well too!! She is still in the first level... but she is putting her face in the water on her own, she loves to float on her back, and can pretty much climb out of the pool on her own. She just has to work on her big arms and kicking her feet. Sometimes she does it, sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes it's just her arms, sometimes it's just her legs. So once she can put it all together... she can move on. :) Unfortunately, she's at the stage where mama still has to go in the pool with her. Only 1 1/2 more years... then I can be free NOT to wear a bathing suit unless I really want to. ;p

Then we went to Spencer's friend, Gabriella's "4th" birthday party today!! It was so much fun!! :) The kids got to cut out sugar cookies and after they were baked they got to decorate them. Spencer was shy at first but then he made 3 heart shaped cookies and 2 bone shaped ones. After he decorated them , ate one, shared one with Gabriella's papi, he then went to town on adding some more sprinkles to the other ones. ;p

I actually got some crafting done last night... and finished the LO I was working on but didn't have a chance to edit and post the picture. So, here it is. I found out today that I am able to use this one LO for two challenges... so it's for Elsie's Challenge #1 and (Book of Me) BOM Challenge #1.

And since I'm posting this LO... I thought I'd post my first BOM Challenge #4 Retro LO. This was a fun one to do!! :)

Oh... and I got my order from 2SCD today!! Yippee!! It came so fast!! I got some pp that was on sale and the DW 2007 calendar. I hope to be inspired by it... and to also follow some of the challenges on 2SCD with it!! :) Anyway, I hope to get lots more done tonight and I hope everyone else had a creative day!!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

January 04 2007

Today was Spencer's first day back to school after the holiday break. He was great... Hannah and I went to circle time with him and then he was okay for me to leave and to pick him up at second circle time. I was proud and a little bit sad (sad that my baby boy is no longer a baby). ;)

I took a break from my thank you cards. The flowers are taking me a long time to cut out and it's getting a little tedious. So, I decided to work on a challenge (actually 2) from 2SCD. I am hoping to tackle 2 challenges with 1 LO. I wonder if that's ok? I'll find out tomorrow... I am sure. I am almost done with it... but Spencer keeps waking up from coughing... so I have been in and out of the bedroom. I hope to finish it soon so I can post it before I go to bed.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day today!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

January 03 2007

Happy "4th" Birthday Brendon!!
Happy "4th" Birthday Gabriella!!

I finally finished one of the things I set out to do yesterday. I came up with a simple design for our Christmas Thank You cards... It's simple but I think it came out okay!! I usually love to add embellies but I didn't want to make the envie too bulky.

I hope to get a little more done today as well. I want to work on altering a small tin to hold all the names of some scrappy chix who are on a RAK (random act of kindness) list. I will put each of their names in it and pull one every couple of weeks. I hope to put together a card and small package for each one!! I hope they like what I send!!

And I still need to finish my project for the January contest on 2SCD. The theme is "New Beginnings". I'm altering a sarabinder to help me keep track of all the different projects I'll have going on at 2SCD. ;) Hope it comes out the way I am imagining it.

Hope you're having a creative day!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

January 02 2007

This year I hope to keep up with my blogging more regularly!! It's a fun way for me to look back at what's been happening with my family, plus share it with my friends and family. :)

I am currently working on some craft projects. One is an altered sarabinder that I will submit for a contest on 2SCD!! It will hold all of my projects and the shopping lists for my crafting items for 2007!! The second is my Christmas thank you cards. And lastly, I hope to start scrapping some pages!! There are a few challenges on 2SCD that I want to work on. If I get any of these done today, I will post the pictures here!!

Two more days and Spencer returns to preschool... then on Friday... the winter session of swimming begins for both kids. It will be busy around here once again!!

Have a wonderful day!!