I am now a Senior Web Developer for Virgin America.  I have been there for about a year after I left Stanford's Department of Athletics.  Even though I have to commute to Burlingame each day, I enjoy my job.  My family and I are enjoying the perks of flying. Virgin targets the typical Silicon Valley technology geek and we love flying in their very posh and technologically advanced planes. We can each watch our own program on the screen in front of us and if we want, we can play games or text each other from seat to seat.  ;)

I am no longer playing any sports.  I am pretty much retired since my body is slowly telling me itís time to slow it down.  I have played volleyball pretty much my whole lifeÖ  and my body has taken a little beating.  But I want to stay active so I am looking for ways to do that.  I used to run about 4 miles - 3 times a week in order to stay in shape.  Now I'm lucky if I can get out to the range to hit some balls... maybe when we're all ready to hit the course I can get some walking in.  Anyway, I am happy with our family life and definitely believe that we live by our motto, SO-muchlove.

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