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i started web design back in 1998 after a friend of mine brought me into one of the IT groups as a software analyst. this was the best career move i could've ever made because it allowed me to learn web design and i found out that this is definitely a job that i love. i have spent the last 9 years polishing my programming skills and learning a few new ones. my love for web design turned into a hobby as well. i started to work on my own famiy site, other family sites, along with flash slideshow presentations for weddings. i decided that i would use my free time to share this love with our community.

i started crafting as a child... folding origami, rubber stamping, etc. but i really started to take this hobby seriously when i was pregnant with my first child. my cousin was and still is an avid scrapbooker and got me hooked. i dabbled in scrapbooking as time permitted. but it was when i became friends with a lady, who taught many different rubber stamping and crafting techniques, that my hobby became one of my true loves. soon after we met i started to attend her many different workshops and even started to teach my own. i loved gathering with others who had the same love for creating beautiful things and even more, i loved to teach them new techniques. after a year of holding my own workshops and having a 2nd child, i decided to slow it down a little. i joined a few paper crafting communities and realized that there were even more techniques out there. soon after joining many different swaps, taking online classes and learning some more, i decided that i loved many different styles, techniques, and products and didn't like being restricted to just one since i create my products from whatever inspires me at the moment. this is when i decided that my love for creating beautiful things needed to be shared with you.

this is how so-muchlove designs was born. in our family and in everything we do... we do it with so-muchlove. we put our heart and soul into the things we create and we do it so you can enjoy our products and services. we appreciate those of you who share our love for all things beautiful in all the different facets of our lives. please take time to look through our many different products and services and definitely take a stroll through our portfolios. we appreciate your feedback on our quest to create the best possible products and services for you.

if you'd like to learn more about us personally, please feel free to meander over to our family site!!